elm Europe 2018

Elm Europe will be a two-day conference dedicated to Elm, taking place at the EFREI Engineering School in Villejuif (near Paris, France) on July, 5-6th 2018.

The event is organized by the Elm community, for the Elm community, with the willing of sharing knowledge, news about the language, and meeting interesting people.

If you need Elm developers, please go to our job board : https://elm.jobboardmaker.com/job_offers

Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT5HLUjjXdqUSUnpblFNOwQ

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The Speakers

Evan Czaplicki

Evan Czaplicki

Creator of elm

Richard Feldman

Richard Feldman

Author of Elm in Action


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Getting There

Metro 7 - Villejuif Louis Aragon

15 minutes from Orly airport with shuttle.




Allo-Media develops an AI technology enabling customers to be heard and understood over phone conversations, transforming phone call conservations into a source of value.

Media Partners

Lambda Days

Lambda Days is a one of a kind experience in the functional world.


Nomalab is a digital logistics platform for films and audiovisual programs, from masters to ready-to-broadcast or ready-to-publish.

Groupe Efrei

The Efrei Group comprises two engineering schools, a digital academy, a research laboratory, a start-up incubator and an endowment fund, all grouped together on the Paris Sud campus of Villejuif.

Efrei Entrepreneurs

Efrei Entrepreneurs is the incubator of the Groupe Efrei. It hosts up to 12 start-ups for 6 to 12 months. They are assisted and followed and they can exchange with each other.

HEC Seed 2018

HEC Seed is an international conference that connects and empowers young entrepreneurs, students, investors and other professionals of the European entrepreneurial scene by employing a dynamic mix of inspiring speeches, hands-on workshops, competitive pitches and networking opportunities.

Warren Walter

Warren Walter assists you in your digital and innovative projects: consulting, technical assistance, training, design sprint, but also startups and tech events (hackathon, conference, show ...).

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Thibaut Assus


Guillaume BOUDON


Dan Abrams